Our Services

Tailored Staffing Solutions for Your Needs

Gate Staffing offers a variety of solutions to meet our partners' needs, including full-time, retainer, direct hire, contract-to-hire, contract, and managed services solutions.

Partners may select to use a retainer search model to address time sensitive, critical, or confidential hires. A GATE staffing expert will dedicate their time to your search, focusing on finding the perfect candidate, giving your placement the proper attention. Access to our extensive talent pipelines and networks create an efficient candidate search process. Thorough research, meticulous reference checking, and background checks help to eliminate the risk involved during the hiring process. You are provided with a talent recruitment expert without having to add one to your staff.
Consultants are brought on for a specific duration or project with no commitment towards a permanent engagement. This flexible workforce provides you with the fluidity to meet your company’s ever-changing needs. Upgrades, implementations, conversions, and new development or to backfill their core employees when new projects arise are just a few examples of when a contract consultant is the right solution. GATE assumes the obligations for these employees’ wages, payroll deductions, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance.
Partners often find this approach the “best way” to bring on new permanent employees. By engaging the potential employee on contract, you can observe their technical skills, as well as their ability to integrate successfully with your team. The contractor is an employee of GATE Staffing, GATE assumes all the obligations for these employees until you bring them on your staff. It’s the perfect way for candidate and employer alike to evaluate their fit before any hiring commitment is made.
Direct Hire
Finding the skilled technical talent you need to move your business forward continues to be more and more challenging. We are uniquely qualified to assist your company with recruiting skilled candidates quickly and cost-effectively. We understand that the process in identifying an asset who may be with you for five to ten years is different than bringing on a hired gun for the next three months. Our goal is to identify candidates with both the aptitude and attitude it takes to succeed in your specific environment over time.
Managed Services
Our specialized teams provide ongoing management and maintenance of a client’s IT infrastructure and applications. This includes integrations, monitoring, managing, and maintaining systems, networks, applications, and data to ensure they are running optimally, securely, and reliably. We provide additional services such as strategic planning, system design, training, and support.